Why Bag Your Leaves


The following are the benefits of bagging your leaves for the Cherry Hill Leaf Collection Program:

  • Bagging your leaves, which is recommended, would reduce the workload of the township's fall leaf collection program with cost savings to taxpayers.
  • Cleaner and neater neighborhoods - The streets would not be as obstructed with leaf piles and fewer leaves would blow onto your neighbors' yards.
  • Collections every week - Inclement weather would no longer prevent residents from raking their leaves for pickup during a designated week.
  • More timely collections and no inconvenience - Collections are made weekly on your regularly scheduled trash / recycling day.
  • Safer conditions would exist - Children would not play in the streets in large leaf piles adjacent to the curbs. There would be less potential for leaves to catch on fire and there would be fewer wet leaves, on which cars could skid.