Sign Permits

Types & Applications

  • Applications may be submitted online through the zoning permit portal but you must complete the appropriate application (see below) and upload the application along with the required submission items listed below.
  • A facade sign is one which is attached to or painted on the building. It may not be above the roof line and is usually a certain percentage of the facade area, including the door and the walls. Each zone has different regulations. Please review the requirements set forth in Section 517 (PDF).
  • A freestanding sign is one which is attached to a structure where the sole purpose of such structure is to support the sign. A property with a frontage of less than 50 feet is not normally permitted a freestanding sign. The location of the sign must adhere to strict guidelines and not obscure the view of traffic on either street. Please review the requirements set forth in Section 517 (PDF).
  • Temporary signs are prohibited in Cherry Hill, except to promote charitable events. Applications for temporary signs (PDF) are available in the township Clerk's Office.

Apply Online

Submission Items

Per §517, the following submission items are needed for a complete sign permit application:

  • A completed sign permit application form.
  • A digital or color photo, no smaller than 3 inches by 5 inches or larger than 8 inches by 10 inches, shall be submitted for each existing sign on the premise.
  • A signed application by the owner of the sign and the property owner on whose premise the sign is to be installed or an original letter from the authorizing applicant to submit a sign permit application for the subject property.
  • A sketch of the proposed sign, drawn to scale, the wording or message, where the sign will be attached to a building, and a plot plan showing the location of the proposed sign with dimensions to the nearest building and lot lines must be submitted.
  • No applications shall be granted unless the taxes on the real estate in question are paid in full as of the date of the application and a zoning permit has been obtained for the business establishment of the proposed sign.
  • The appropriate required fees, in accordance with §901, as shown below:
    • Sign permit application - $20
    • Sign permit fee - $2 per square foot or $50, whichever is greater