Office of Emergency Management

Roles & Responsibilities

Emergency Management is an interdisciplinary field dealing with the organizational management process used to protect critical assets.

The main role for the Cherry Hill Township Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is to plan for and respond to any emergency within the township. Additionally we are responsible for coordinating the response of local, County, and State officials during an emergency.

Cherry Hill Townships Mobile Command Post

Phases of Emergency Management

There are four phases of emergency management:

  • Mitigation - Actions taken to eliminate or reduce the degree of long-term risk to human life and property from natural and technological hazards.
  • Preparedness - Actions taken in advance of an emergency to develop operational capabilities and facilitate an effective response.
  • Response - Actions taken immediately before, during, or directly after an emergency occurs, to save lives, minimize damage to property, and enhance the effectiveness of recovery.
  • Recovery - Activity to return vital life support systems to minimal operating standards and long-term activity designed to return life to normal

During an event, the Office of Emergency Management will organize, plan, and respond to the event. Prior to an event, they assist in planning the response to the event and take actions that will help to eliminate or reduce the impact the event will have on the township. Post incident OEM will help with the recovery and getting things back to the way they were prior to the incident.

The Cherry Hill Township Office of Emergency Management is staffed full-time by Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator Police Officer Dennis Moore. There are also three additional Deputy Coordinators from the Cherry Hill Police Department: Police Officers S. Cairns and G. Brisbin and Dispatcher A. Berg.


For information, questions or concerns related to the Township's Office of Emergency Management, please contact our Township OEM Coordinator Police Officer Dennis Moore by email or at 856-432-8836, or email the Office.