CHFD Policies

BOFC Public Policies

The Board of Fire Commissioners understands that Cherry Hill Fire Department is a public organization that, in its pursuit to protect life and property, is responsible to the residents of Cherry Hill Township. Ethics and integrity are the cornerstones of the Department's ability to serve the public interest and maintain trust. Below are a few of our policies outlining our commitment to deliver the best possible service to our community with the professionalism the residents of Cherry Hill have come to expect from their Fire Department.

Cherry Hill Fire Department Ethics Policy

We believe working at the Cherry Hill Fire Department is a public trust. The vitality and stability of an organization like ours rely on the public's confidence in the integrity of our members. Whenever the public perceives a conflict between the private interests and the public duties of an appointed government employee or staff personnel in a public organization, that confidence is imperiled.

Pay to Play Law

In 2007, The Cherry Hill Board of Fire Commissioners adopted N.J.S.A. 19:44A, known as the "Pay to Play Law", into the Fire Department's operation. This law outlines the way government agencies in the state of New Jersey acquire goods and services. As outlined in Cherry Hill Fire Department's New Jersey Pay to Play Policy Directive 1031:

  • Contracts for Goods and Services
    • The Chief Financial Officer and the Director of Facilities and Procurement will follow the guidelines established by this law for any contract which exceeds the amount authorized in the current legislation.
    • Pay to play manuals are kept and maintained in the offices of each of these units.
    • Vendors are required to complete business entity disclosure certifications
  • Annual Contracts for Professional Services
    • Contracts for professional services, the cost of which exceeds the amount authorized in the current legislation and is to be awarded through a non-fair and open process, must be annually approved by resolution of the Board of Fire Commissioners.
    • Professional services are listed but not limited to: Auditor, Insurance Broker, Health Insurance Benefits, Legal Services, Engineers, Architect
    • A business entity disclosure certification will be completed when professional services are awarded.


As a public agency, all materials and services obtained for the Cherry Hill Fire Department are in accordance with state guidelines and laws regarding bidding, competitive quotations, and direct contracting. View current CHFD bids, RFQs, and RFPs.