Open Space

CHEB Provides Mayor with Open Space Priority List

The Cherry Hill Environmental Board (CHEB) has presented the Mayor with a list of 9 key sites for designation as open space. While CHEB acknowledges that the township currently has no funds available to purchase these properties, the Committee prepared and presented the list should funds later become available or if the township would be able to obtain some of the spaces through donation.

CHEB had conducted workshops at its monthly meetings to identify these parcels, and has also made site visits. The parcels have been ranked by such factors as criteria as size, and proximity to existing open space and wetlands.


In addition to leaving open space remain in its natural state, CHEB has undertaken projects to develop nature and hiking trails at a few existing open space parcels. Cherry Hill has more than 130 tracts of wholly undeveloped open space land, such as wooded areas and open fields, covering more than 700 acres. The township also had about 90 partially developed open space tracts covering more than 500 acres, which house such resources as nature trails, playgrounds, ball fields, and historical sites.


CHEB actively partners with youth organizations, including Boy Scouts, and is eager to partner with other groups such as Girl Scouts, schools and religious youth groups, to help in the completion and maintenance of open space management projects. These projects help accomplish larger environmental goals, while offering students an opportunity to obtain community service credits and improve our environment.

Proposed Open Space Parcels

  • Rear of D&Q, off Rockhill Road and Route 70
  • Rear of Society Hill, off Springdale Road
  • Lakeside, near Woodcrest Speadline Station
  • Woodland, near Birch / Beechwood
  • Rear of Ignarri-Lummis Building, Chapel Avenue / Route 295
  • Old Cuthbert, adjacent to Cherry Hill Racquet Club
  • Carnegie Plaza, near Springdale Road
  • Astoria, at intersection of Astoria / Perina
  • Near intersection of Kings Highway / Ramble Road