Woodcrest TOD

Transportation and Community Development Initiative Grant

In 2017, the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC), the Philadelphia region's metropolitan planning organization, awarded Cherry Hill Township a Transportation and Community Development Initiative (TCDI) grant to create the Woodcrest Station Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Plan for the area around PATCO's Woodcrest Station.

Study Area

The Woodcrest Station Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Plan will consist of three components:

  1. The Multi-Modal Circulation Plan;
  2. The Victory Site Redevelopment Plan Vision; and
  3. An introduction including an Existing Conditions Analysis, as well as an updated Executive Summary, summarizing and connecting the findings of the Circulation Plan and Redevelopment Plan Vision.

This Existing Conditions Analysis (PDF) will serve to:

  1. Document and analyze existing transportation networks and conditions in the area surrounding PATCO's Woodcrest Station in Cherry Hill, NJ.
  2. Examine area land use patterns, environmental conditions, and zoning regulations.
  3. Review studies and plans by PATCO, as well as the township, county, and state, to gain a deeper understanding of Woodcrest Station, the surrounding area, past redevelopment efforts, and planned area improvements.
  4. Utilize public engagement, including stakeholder interviews and a digital survey, to inform the Woodcrest Station TOD Plan from the beginning.

Public Meeting

A public meeting was held on March 22, 2018 at the Cherry Hill Township Municipal Building in room 208. Input from this meeting will be incorporated into the Existing Conditions Plan and the final study and redevelopment plan and will help us ensure that we develop plans that reflects the needs of the community and helps us create another great place to live, work, and play in Cherry Hill.

Final Plan

Woodcrest Station Transit Oriented Development Plan (PDF)

The final plan was presented to the Township Council and accepted on August 22, 2018.