The Department of Engineering provides for the development and project management of the Township’s Road Maintenance Program (RMP). The RMP is a comprehensive planning tool used by the Department to determine which roads will be replaced.

Additional Services

The Engineering Department also services the Township by providing design and implementation of small to medium roadway, storm and sanitary Capital Improvement projects. All inspections relative to roadway, storm, sanitary sewer and most recreation projects are performed by in-house employees.

The department also issues and performs inspections for right of way permits. These permits are required any time work is being done within the Township’s right of way (10 feet back from where the curb meets the street).

In addition, the Engineering Department issues sewer connection permits. Sewer connection permits are required when making any connection with the sewer systems in the Township. Please contact Danielle Hammond in the Engineering Department at 856-424-3203 or via email at for additional information on sewer connection permits.

Environmental Permitting

All work to be done in close proximity to wetlands requires state permitting. Please contact the Division of Land Use Regulation by calling (609) 777-0454 for wetlands permit information.